iqeon earn bitcoins by gaming


Feb 15, 2018

Earning on In-game Achievements with IQeon Ecosystem is Easy.

IQeon provides an opportunity to monetize in-game achievements for players and also facilitates the monetization of games, apps, and other services provided by game development companies.


The startup has been raising funds for further development of its gaming ecosystem since the end of January 2018. This week is the 3rd week of the ICO which provides 15% Bonus to the amount of the IQN bought. It means that by paying less the early investors could get more IQeon tokens.

IQeon is a functioning product but it still has many unique features in the roadmap to be implemented in the very nearest future. One of them is the adoption of Smart Contract technology. As you know, Smart Contracts are extremely popular when the two parties would like to agree on some terms and make sure that the payment will be delivered automatically with no issues, or fraud manipulations. Smart Contracts are ideal for IQeon as they allow players challenge each other, or place bets on the results of any game and be positive that the payment will appear on their accounts in a blink of a second.

Why is it profitable to invest in IQeon?

1. IQeon partners with indie developers

  • As you know the indie type of games and apps is extremely popular nowadays. The platform helps such companies to promote their products and offers the facilitated monetization. This is available due to the open SDK of the platform.

2. IQeon nourishes strong community

  • The IQeon team participates in various conferences worldwide and gets the access to more potential users and investors. The option of IQN exchange into any other cryptocurrency or fiat money is very welcoming for IQeon users as it provides them with the real chance to earn by playing their favorite games. The Main Round of IQeon ICO lasts until March 13, 2018, and welcomes everyone to participate.

Get more details on IQeon official website.

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