Why support IQeon?

Mar 7, 2018

5 Reasons to Support the IQeon platform with Bitcoin!

The IQeon ICO ends on the 13th of March!

IQeon decentralized gaming ecosystem hosts games, apps, and services based on intellectual competitions between players. The uniqueness of the platform is shown in the way it revolutionizes the gaming sphere, bringing facilitated ways of monetization closer to end-users, common players. IQeon is giving a chance to 97% of gamers get paid for playing their favorite games or challenging each other by making motivational bets, or even placing bets on the results of the games. The winning is transparent and paid on the automated basis as the development of the platform is based on top-notch technologies, such as Blockchain and Smart Contracts.

  • Working product
    IQeon gaming ecosystem is an already working product with the unique idea behind it. It hosts a brain-stretching app, IQClash that could be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.
  • Solid partners and excellent team of professionals
    IQeon is an Estonian startup with an international team of professionals and a wide board of highly-skilled professionals. The IQeon team is actively participating in various conferences worldwide promoting the project and finding game development companies to host their products and applications on the platform. Right now the IQeon team is actively negotiating with 25+ partnering companies. Moreover, there are many organizations to get IQeon tokens. One of the main token holders is ABA Marketing Group, the venture fund holding the assets of around $100M.

  • Since March 2018, IQeon has new adviser — Jason Hung. He is a successful entrepreneur who managed to introduce several significant inventions into the mobile business. Jason and his team patented 9 unique technologies that are nowadays used by 2000+ mobile apps. He has excessive skills in digital marketing promotion, AI implementation, ERP related business, and, of course, Blockchain. Jason has become a co-founder of three companies: Treascovery, Chidopi, and TimeBox. In addition, Mr. Hung has helped to nourish and brought to maturity more than 15 ICOs, including BitRewards, BlockLancer, Datarius, ICONIC, AIDA, EZPOS, Suchapp, USAT, and SafeCrypt.
  • Mass Media interest
    IQeon platform spotted the interest of Mass Media. Such trustworthy editions as Bitcoin, Cointelegraph, Investing.com, Finance Magnates, BTC-ECHO, Bitcoinist, Forklog etc. have noticed the platform.
  • Future growth of IQeon token (IQN)
    The ways of monetization of in-game achievements are based on IQN, the platform cryptocurrency. The team and the specialists predict the growth of IQeon value. It is possible due to the following reasons.
    – Limited edition of IQN;
    – Use of IQN in the gaming process;
    – IQN could be converted into other cryptocurrency and fiat money;
    – IQN could become the universal means of payment in the gaming industry worth $109 billion;
    – Growth of users audience due to the opportunities the platform developers offer to game development companies: open API and SDK.

By the way, IQeon makes a special offer to its followers. It’s a welcome surprise, which let you get more bang for your buck by getting IQeon tokens. Last minute bonus could reach up to 60% and is available for real token buyers only.

  • Negotiations with exchanges
    The IQeon management team is discussing the possibilities of IQN enlistment on world-known Exchanges. As soon the ICO ends, IQeon crypto currency will be enlisted on GetBTC, YoBit, Bankera and Etherdelta exchanges.

To get more details about the platform, its functionality, benefits, and perspectives, visit the official website.

Tartu mnt 83-205, Tallinn,
Estonia, Harjumaakond,

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