Press Release Submission

Aug 14, 2017

Post your news on your ICO on LiberBits – for only $125 per release. LiberBits Crypto Kennisbank is one of the first reference sites on cryptofinance in the Netherlands.

We cover reviews and analysis on the trends, technologies, companies and people in the bitcoin, blockchain and cryptocurrency world. Dutch recurrent readers of the site and Dutch visitors of search traffic from the on your ICO and ICO’s in general will be able to find your press release.

Press releases are shown site-wide (www.bestebank/ico/your-ico-name/) and are included in the ICO cornerstone page of this site.

The press release should be in Dutch. We are able to translate the press release for you at an additional cost. We only accept cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

If you are unfamiliar with how to format a press release, please read these tips, and avoid these common mistakes, before making a request for submission. 

Please, provide us with all the company details, the website and provide us with a white paper in case you are launching an ICO. Based upon the provided information we decide to accept the submission or not. Thanks for your interest.

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Chainlink´s adoptie voor tokenization van real world assets RWA door DTCC & JPMorgan

Chainlink speelt in een steeds belangrijkere rol in de tokenization van real world assets. Vorige week heeft Chainlink deelgenomen aan een pilot met grote financiële spelers als JPMorgan, BNY Mellon & meer. De pilot focust op de tokenization van fondsen. Chainlink neemt deel aan tokenization pilot met financiële reuzen als de DTCC en JPMorgan Chainlink […]

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Amerikaanse Ethereum ETH ETF goedgekeurd door de SEC

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